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Straightlink Rep/Lenses
Prizm Daily (P) C/C for Split Jacket
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I have finally moved into custom cutting lenses! I am by no means a professional, and probably won't ever move enough lenses to hone this skill to a professional degree. But I have been steadily reading and researching the skill enough over time that I finally thought the time was right to give it a try. And I think I did pretty well for an amateur. It took me several days to finally finish; the initial measuring and cutting went pretty quick, but it was the secondary grinding and shaping that took so long. I had to keep setting it all down, walking away, and coming back later to eventually get the cut where it was supposed to (lest I get impatient and screw up). This one is the Straightlink Prizm Daily I cut for the Split Jacket. This one was a real pain to line up since the temple & bridge edging are different on both lenses; the Straightlink has a more obtuse bridge cut than the Split, with a very flat temple edging. Lining up the lenses at one end took away from the nosebridge, and vice versa, and centering the lenses (which is what you are supposed to do) took away from both. So it became a compromise of where I wanted the most stability. I chose the nosebridge, so the temple has a small but noticeable gap thanks to the Straightlink's flat temple edging. Visually, the lenses look terrible but once they are mounted most of the unpleasant aesthetic is hidden.
Model: Straightlink Replacement Lenses
Colorway: Prizm Daily Polarized
Family: Replacement Lenses
Price: $110
SKU: 102-396-027

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