RadarLock Path (Asian Fit) [OO9256-1660]
Polished White/Prizm Black Iridium

Crosslink MNP
Crosslink MNP
Crosslink MNP
Chamfer MNP
Chamfer MNP
Chamfer MNP
Minute (Gen 2)
Jammer -
Have just chanced on a frame for the O3's SKU 11-624 with no lenses, earsocks or nosepads, sold as Why 3's.
Bought them as I had another pair of Why 3's and thought I would make a good pair out of the two....
Reallised they were totally different when I got them both side by side to sort out what I could use.
Managed to get lenses made, earsocks and nosepads, had to do some work on shortening the screws and find some little clear plastic washers so that they would go together nice and tight but have them sorted now!
These are my favourites of my collection, have never known a pair of shades so light or comfortable, been looking for more ever since, does anyone else have these? Can't find another pair anywhere?!
Half Wire 2.0
Style Switch
Wiretap Rx
12 Gauge
Crosshair, New
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