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2014 Year In Review And 2015 Goals - Dann
Hijacking Oak's Idea on this one, but I figured the year is coming to an end.

Recap of 2014
Much like the 2013 recap, the big event was a meetup, but this time more focused and with a tighter group of people. I think the social media and real-time excitement was played up so those who couldn't attend also got to experience it a bit too.

I feel like most of the energy of 2014 is more towards looking at 2015. I think this thread next year will be a bit more interesting, but one thing I've noticed is that certain people are coming back into the fold. I'm seeing comments about some of the upcoming models being the first glasses in a long time that have interested people. Many who have abandoned the hobby for a long while.

Site-wise, I've still been trying to hammer away at features as I have time. I think activity is picking up and we haven't been this busy in a long time. Oakley has also embraced it a bit more, and have provided some opportunities like promos for video reviews and allowing me to help pre-populate the Collector events with worthy people before the public flood comes in.

Purchases in 2014
Massive is all I can say. Here's the jist in image form

For 2015
I'm sort of scared to see how 2015 will be. There's a lot of cool stuff coming, but I don't know if my wallet can handle it.
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Forum Black Bag Holiday Customs - DrChop
Another has been delivered (several are here still because I have multiple pieces going to the buyers)...

Black Bag 2014 #9 Blended Monster Dogs (oakley, you screwed the pooch literally killing this frame)

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Fun with Macro - Dann
Some STPL action

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Your latest purchase - jjoyce213
Not really a new purchase but freshly rehabbed with new lens and ear socks. Was wearing these when I was about 12. Thought I'd share. Sorry if I'm on the wrong thread guys.
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Picture of the Day - Preludachris

Merry Christmas From The Big O
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Oakley Official Collector Events - Texas and Hollywood - Royal Lion Museum of Sunglasses
Wow! All of the collector's have amazing Collections! Here was my entry at the Houston Collector Event:
Sub Zero #6 Planet X
Ducati Pit Boss
Oakley Concept Studio Project 453 Best Friend Enduro
Andrew Petterson Frogskin #38
Mayhem MX Troy Lee Designs Love Hate
Paul Smith Jeans Frogskin
Holbrook Goldbrook
Frogskin Blends
Penny Ruby Iridium
Romeo 2 Gary Scelzi
Frogskin BKRW Blue
18K Timb Bomb 045 George Tackles
Frogskin St. Patrick's Day
Oil Rig Frost Blue with History Text
Mag Switch Pearl
Mag M-Frame Ana Guevara Signature
Dispatch Robert Williams
C-Six Aluminum and Carbon #10/1500
Half X Blue Iridium
Romeo 1 Titanium with Gold Iridium
XX 24K with 24K Gold Iridium
Oakley Concept Studio BT Factory Pilot Radar
Oakley Concept Studio Project 453 Metal X Black^Silver Racking Jacket
Flying Tiger Surfboard
Flying Tiger Gascan (Both)
Gold Bob Head
Kenny Bernstein Prototype Mag Four Dark Carbide with Ruby Iridium
24K X-Squared (750 Limited)
Sraight Jacket Leather
Juliet Corvette Edition
Racking Jacket Blue with +Red Iridium
Frogskin Moda 3
Mars Michael Jordan Leather
OO Michael Jordan
Plate Dark Silver
Oki Ni EyeShade
London Police Crowbar

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My/Your Oakley setup - Cargo
Kinda new on this forum, been signed up for a while but not to much posting.
Figured Id share my small collection.
Top shelf - X metal

2nd shelf - JFL's

3rd shelf - Misc. Lifestyles

4th shelf - Hijinx and Vintage
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