My/Your Oakley setup - GRFMotorsports
Some of you may have heard that after 2 years of having stuff packed away in boxes I have began the task of setting up some displays again.

So far I have one shelf kinda done, till I change my mind. This is my Straight Jacket shelf. Not all would fit, but this is most of them.

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My/Your Oakley setup - Dann
X-Metal, Check
Vintage, Check
Limited Edition, Check
a show of Comic fandom, Check ... think we're good, haha, nice setup.
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Your latest purchase - H01B3RG
Great pick-up everyone!!!

Not going to call these pick-ups as that would be disrespectful. I received these gifts this past Saturday...

Polished Uranium Radar EV Prototype w/ Jade Iridium and the custom etching from Dann. Thanks again Dann!!!

From my wife, the Infinite Hero Warrant

From my good friend, the Heritage Kill Switch Bezel I will be using for daily wear.

Pick-up from last week...

TDF Jawbreaker (during the Unlock and Reveal Promotion)

NY Yankees 9FORTY

Wife picked up the POP Polar Feedback in Ruby, a great choice! (during the Unlock and Reveal Promotion)

My oldest daughters 1st Wires, the Caveat in +Red; she has great taste in lens just like her Dad. ;) (during the Unlock and Reveal Promotion)

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The P.W. Club ( A.K.A. - Oakley Selfies ) - barok0208

With my little fellow... Am i setting a good example? Lol
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Your latest purchase - Johnt
Snow Camo Jawbrakers direct from Belgium and the same guys that did Tom Boonen's pair

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Your latest purchase - barok0208

Was able to grab a diamond mm in excellent condition.
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