Your latest purchase - SunDevil08
It was an expensive month, but well worth it!

Was able to snag an X Raw from SGH online before they were sold-out! Picked up the new Voyage bag (a big fan of that so far) and the Collector Book at the local O-store. Picked up some crazy deals at the local vault:

Fast Jacket w/ G30 Iridium Polarized for $130, Iron Tee for $14 and 3-1 Blade Pack for $30.

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Your latest purchase - H01B3RG
Also, while I was out in Cali, I was asked to stop by FHR...

For my collection...

Gift for my wife, they are 1 of 3 Purple Jawbones in existence (not Racing Jackets) w/ G30 Vented
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Silver w/Black Iridium vented, and Fire polarized, vented.
A very comfortable, capable, and practical cycling "Jacket".
Heavier than the M frame, it is more protective by virtue of the Switchlock jaw system, which also provides for easy cleaning. It's ideally suited for mountain biking.
I find the lens vents do manage to minimise condensation and crud intrusion in most situations.
Awsome anti-bee gear!

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Your latest purchase - pastor.elfstrom

Got these in the mail today!
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The P.W. Club ( A.K.A. - Oakley Selfies ) - Oakley Ron

Rocking the straight jacket in Blood!
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Frame: Polished black
Lens: 24K Gold Iridium
An absolutely outstanding pair of shades. They fit snugly on the face, and don't allow any leakage whatsoever. However, they are highly prone to fogging, as they make something like a seal (for lack of a better word) to your face, bringing any of that nasty eyebrow sweat onto the inside of the lenses. As long as you aren't sweating, however, this "seal" makes this pair one of the most comfortable, in my opinion. They look great on almost any face. And if you forget you goggles, these work well on the slopes. Just don't fall! -xxmetal

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NYC and Miami Collector Events and the global launch of Madman-Badman - H01B3RG
Sorry I've been offline for the past couple days since the event, travel schedule and other unexpected events have had me running non-stop... I think many of you all have seen my pics, but wanted to make sure it was known, this win was for O-Review too! I brought it back to my home Bunker to be displayed for a couple weeks while I'm traveling.
Cheers Dann!!! (you were the second person I told/messaged after it happened)

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