Gascan [OO9014-4060]
Matte Black - Texas Flag/Black Iridium

Fuel Cell
Square Wire, New
Square Wire, New
Square Wire, New
Radar EV Path (Asia Fit)
Holbrook (AF)
Sliver (AF)
Flak 2.0 (AF)
Crossrange (AF)
Dullisc -
Frame: Crystal Blue
Lens: Blue Iridium

Iconic..To me there are several glasses that scream Oakley when you see them. The MFrame is one of those. I purchased my first pair of MFrames in 1994 (Fingerprint with Ruby Iridium) and that was my only frame I had until 2014. The Heater gives great coverage a unique look that everyone recognizes and are some of the most comfortable glasses I've ever worn.
These are still great pieces to have and wear but due to the age of the glasses and the brittleness of the O-Matter you will see stress cracks and eventually a full break. I would however recommend these though for any collector as they are a true iconic piece of history but for every day use I would recommend the MFrame New as it is more sturdy.
Square Whisker
Hollow Point
Pit Bull
Split Jacket Wind Gasket Accessory Upgrade Kit
A Wire
Carbon Prime
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