new releases - Oak
Just the bezel, not the entire watch.
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Your latest purchase - Ramzey21
Got these beauties today...

Augie's Quest Hijinx

Garage Rock Wally Lopez

Warrant Infinite Hero

Madman X Raw
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The P.W. Club ( A.K.A. - Oakley Selfies ) - pastor.elfstrom

Enjoying spring on the balcony

On my way to work
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The P.W. Club ( A.K.A. - Oakley Selfies ) - BiGCoB
Yeah, sure, "one or two" ... and you end up with like 4 or 5. We all know how it works ^_^

Here are two OTT PW shot

One calm
Oakley Over The Top

One a bit more mad :P
Oakley Over The Top portrait
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new releases - Oak

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Color: Black

I got my Black Factory New Era Cap as a gift in March 2013. Back then I wasn't into Oakleys yet so when sorted my little collection of caps, I was delighted to find this 'treasure'.

My Factory New Era is one of my favorite caps because it fits snugly into my head so I usually put them on when I'm into outdoor activities or sports like running, leisure biking or island hopping because my other caps would easily fall off on strong winds or constant movement. -Nightbird95
Your latest purchase - pricedollaz
Mail I was excited About.

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Frame: Polished Brown Smoke
Lens: Dark Bronze

I got my Fuel Cell pre loved for about$75 last 23 April. I'm used to wearing my Monster Dog which I thought have wide lenses but when I got my Fuel Cell, they were even wider. I came to love my Fuel cell and I like the way they offer some protection to the periphery of your eyes.

To bad my 15 year old son also liked it very much so I only am able to wear them when my son's not using any glasses (which is very seldom). -Nightbird95
Your latest purchase - HED4JC
Congrats on all your recent additions!

Just sharing 2 of mines that came in the mail today:

1. Radar EV in Uranium - now I have one of each Radar Type

2. Tailend in Fire - Now I can say I am "Well-Rounded" =)

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Black Ink Sapphire Iridium, Grey Ink Ruby Iridium Polarized, Matte Black Grey Polarized

My dad and I both have large faces. Dad especially. We both love these frames. They have excellent large eye coverage and stay up really well. My only issue is that the corners of the nose bridge allow light in between my nose and the frame. I am used to it now. I have 3 colors and dad has 2 pairs of 1 color. We like the fact that we both can wear the same frame in different colors and not look like we are trying to wear the same sunglasses. They all look unique and different. I can't wait until Oakley releases icons and rubber inserts for the stems for sale. Thank you for a great fitting fashion sunglass that can be worn for work in my orchard too. -Riley
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