1st Annual O Collectors Expo in Las Vegas - rhlake
From Fred Bakker's Facebook Page

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1st Annual O Collectors Expo in Las Vegas - Dann
Audio bobs. There will be 4 in various conditions

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My/Your Oakley setup - O-bsession
Finally found some time to rearrange to fit in the new pairs

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Your latest purchase - lord oakman
Recent pick ups for me

Crystal frogs with torch iridium
Flak 2.0 with prizm golf
London police gascans
Robert pimple hijinx
Few more country microfibes
Black 3.1 double wide
Finally got a goggle stand
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hello hi you sell ap vest brazil.. thx
-Caio Henrique
1st Annual O Collectors Expo in Las Vegas - oakleydisplaygoods
Good early morning from SoCal.

As one of main organizers of the event, there are a couple of things that our group wants to express to the members of O-Review

1) This event is for you, the Collectors, to gather together to see, in many ways, the history of Oakley's trade show booths, to showcase your prized O gear, and to buy and sell coveted items.

2) Most of the items we have are Vintage trade show gear, mostly things that never made it to retail. Yes, many of them are very large (the airplane booth) but we do have many items that are much smaller in very large numbers (alum. sunglass holders in single and double, alum pop card holders, etc.) We do have double display cases, single towers, as well as cubes in various sizes.

3) A master list is being compiled with photos and descriptions of all the items that will be for sale as well as those for auction. These lists will be reviewed by O experts like Dann from here and other experts over at the O Forum. We hope that their "Stamp of Approval" and fair pricing will ensure all collectors a chance to purchase things they covet.

4) Hotel Blocks- We are working on those right now...as soon as we find the best deals, we will release the info to all of you.

5) If you cannot attend, do not despair! Based on the level of ticket you purchase, you will have access to items to purchase as well. We are considering setting aside a certain number of items for online purchasing only. You will also be able to bid by proxy with members of this site for the auction only items.

6) We truly appreciate all the responses and feedback so far. Keep those questions coming.

I also wanted to thank Dann again for how quickly he jumped on board with our event.

Hope to see and meet all of you in Oct.


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1st Annual O Collectors Expo in Las Vegas - Dann
If the Beyond Reason auctions were any indication, that number may be on the high side. Just hoping there's a lot of smaller things for those who can't match cash with passion.
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1st Annual O Collectors Expo in Las Vegas - Dann
Rolling Hanger Covers

Special Forces Couch

Special Forces Sandbag

Bar Stool Covers
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