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fivesguy -
Frame: Matte Sepia, Matte Black
Lens: Prizm Daily, Violet, Prizm Tungstan Polar, Ruby Iridium Polar

Latch Square is a medium sized square lens with slim arms that is really light, comfy and understated. To me, its a little more upscale than my everyday go-to, the Sliver.

Its main feature is the latch that opens when the arm is closed about half way and allows you to (kind of) attach them to the collar of your shirt. I hardly every actually use it for that purpose, I don't usually like my shades stretching out my collar, but it was a neat design idea.

For a frame with no socks or nose pads, it stays in place pretty well. I wouldn't go out and skate with them on but I have worn them in weddings, to work, and other places where I want to look a little more pulled together than my usual out-there kind of skater/Oakley look. Basically, anytime I want to look good but not stand out.
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