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fivesguy -
Frame: matte black
Lens: Prizm Daily

The top tier of Oakley wire frames at this time, the Carbon Blade frame is light weight, strong and flexible. With replaceable Air Tech nose pads and the Three Point Fit, the frame is very comfortable and can be worn all day with little discomfort.

The main area for damage that I’ve seen is in the outer corner of the lens where it attaches to the frame via a small screw. With excessive force, the lens can sheer away from the frame, leaving the lens basically unusable. For the price and with no replacement parts available, you might want to wear them sparingly.

I wouldn’t recommend these for everyday use and abuse. If you’re like me, you might break them out every once in a while to make your friends jealous, then put them back safely in the case to wait for the next special occasion.
thisguy -
Frame: Ferrari Polished red
Lens: Ruby Iridium Polarized

This frame is very light weight and thin. The carbon fiber looks great being polished. The red accents go very well with the black. They can take a little bit of time to adjust the nose pieces so they fit right on your face. The ruby lenses are nice to look through and the added polarization is nice. A downside to this frame is not having replacement parts available. If something breaks (I have heard about lenses breaking away from the frame) you have to send them in to Oakley.
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