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Easily the worst abomination ever: the X-Metal Collectors Set. What was supposed to have originally been an Ichiro Limited Edition quickly went south once the baseball phenom was traded to the Yankees.

The set comes with a boring, bland, OCP pair of Carbon/Black Iridium Juliets and another Time Bomb II which is almost exactly identical to the 10th Anniversary Time Bomb II. The only difference is that this watch has a white second hand and AUTOMATIC label... and the watch also lacks a date indicator, making it inferior to its predecessor.

What easily could have been an epic release by Oakley - had someone actually taken the time to release something truly unique, such as a pair of Polarized Jade Juliets and a unique Time Bomb II - became the biggest disappointment ever. Unless you have an extra $3,500 to give away for something already released by Oakley months and even years ago, pass.

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