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Jeremiah -
Frame:FMJ Gunmetal
Lens: Fire Iridium

Doesn't look too different from the previous Twenty's but it certainly feels much better on the face. Fit is snug and hugs close to my face very well and is something I look for in Oakleys. Frame and lens combination along with the icons looks great. Nothing really special about these just an upgrade from the previous versions and looks like classic Oakley.

Only disappointment is the lenses seem to scratch easily. I have only worn the sunglasses in my car during long drives and outside for only a short time and have only cleaned with the microfiber bag but you can see a few small dots and what looks like swirl marks where I was cleaning with the bag itself. Pretty weird.
anonymous -
Frame: Polished Black
Lens: Black Iridium
These glasses are great! I have 15 pairs of Oakleys now and there are one of my favorites. I was worried because my head is a decent size and the site said they were meant for smaller heads but they actually fit me great! They are the most comfortable pair I have and are extremely light! I am a loyal Oakley fan and will continue to be one!
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