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Welcome to the Largest Competitive Sitting Site on the Web

Competitive Sitting has been enjoying a large increase in popularity and activity in recent years. To commemorate this grand sport, Oakley is releasing several limited frames to show appreciation to those leading the sport. Many will be in very limited quantities, so it’s best to order early.

Bill Rosenzweig
Montefrio Polished Gold/Black Iridium
Quantity: 6000

Hailing from New Jersey, Bill is a formidable competitor in the extreme division of Competitive Sitting. His nearly undefeated history has withheld several last minute victories over some of the fiercest competitors.

His strategies are unknown, but leave most in a sense of awe when executed to the standards of perfection to which skilled surgeons are envious. While hesitant to forgo his amateur status, large corporations are lining up with endorsement deals upon his retirement.

His signature model is a Polished Gold Montefrio, which signified the only color medal he has grown accustomed to receiving. Black accents and lens combination allow his eyes to remain concealed and prevent his secrets from falling into the wrong hands.

When asked to share one tip, he replied that part of his training involves orange juice channeled though a hookah. No one has survived an attempt to duplicate this training method.

Darren Taylor
Juliet Plasma RUBY QUARTZ 0th Gen
Quantity: 4000

Darren Taylor, the undefeated champion of the stamina division. His claim to fame lies within his ingenious invention. With a few modifications, he has turned his chair into a mobile toilet. Although this has been discussion as a form of cheating, there has never been a rule against it, and no one dares to trivialize his career due to a technicality.

While in essence he became the grand champion in 1987, his title has yet to be claimed since he has not ended his 25 year streak. He has chosen the ever popular Juliet model for its versatility and durability. Through all the rigor Competitive Sitting dishes out, the Titanium frame can take it and more.

Dawn Kina
Crosshair Matte Black/Violet Iridium
Quantity: 2000

Dawn participates in the Hawaii extreme championships. This involves allowing the chair to be overtaken by lava before jumping off to safety. Dawn has mastered this art form using special heat sink and custom asbestos shoes in order to buy a small margin of time while hopping directly on the magma flows.

She also participates in the surfing sitting competitions, which forces the participant to sit throughout then entire wave. Sunset beach is packed each year with millions of spectators hoping to spot the new champion.

Dawn will be sporting Crosshairs in vintage Violet Iridium throughout each event this year. The contrast alterations help keep her focused and ready to dish out a fierce competitive edge.

Greg B
Crosshair Matte Black/Gold Iridium
Quantity: 5000

Greg participates in the long tradition of arctic sled dog racing-sitting. As he travels across the northern landscapes without a jacket, he attaches to different packs of dogs in an attempt to travel continuously without stopping.

He has traveled across Canada several times, and his future goals include attempting to cross the Bering Strait and onward through Siberia to achieve the longest run ever recorded.

His signature crosshair helps keep the harsh sunlight out and provides the coverage that is surely needed in the Summer sun.

Todd Kalm
Zero 0.3P Orange Camo/Fire
Quantity: 150

Todd has perfected the art of stunt sitting. The tricks and feats of human boundaries are unmatched by all those who attempt to compete. Those who try to match the stunts performed have reported from their hospital beds that they only wish to obtain his level of greatness.

While going pro has prohibited him from winning any prize money, the endorsement deals leave him in the life of luxury reserved for the social elite. His side job as a sit-down comedian also packs clubs wherever he goes.

His custom Orange Camo Zero 0.3P was made due to his inability to obtain an original one. The fire insert lenses clash well with the printed earstems and provide an wearing experience like no other.

Jump Man
Romeo Plasma/Fruby
Quantity: 1500

The new kid on the block, J-man is an up and comer who has promise of a lengthy career. With a few victories under his belt, he's well on his way to sitting stardom. His competitive nature has brought him through many tough challeges, and allowed him to go head to head against many of the seasoned pros.

In his spare time, he takes time out to stand. This unorthodox approach is looked upon wearily by peers, but helps maintain a balanced level of activity, which apparently has helped. You can't argue with success.

His signature Romeo tips its head to the styles of years past, that still maintain the standard or quality that we expect today.

Yukio Kina
Penny Carbon/White Iridium
Quantity: 1000

Yukio is the world’s oldest and first competitor. His mastery of the art of sitting has enabled him to slow down his metabolism and extend his lifespan for many years beyond what was previously thought possible. His most famous sitting session occurred during the Civil War. It was noted that he was the one obstacle General Sherman was not able to cross.

Over his many wise years, he has taught classes to future generations on the benefits of sitting and the enlightenment that comes with it. He has several schools and landmarks in his name, and will continue to do so for years to come.

His custom Penny comes with the never before attempted White Iridium lens, which only he is able to see through. This allows for proper relaxation and concentration on the task at hand. Which is sitting.