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The Fauxkley Review was created for the lack of anything else like it. We all know that there is no reason to pay full price for something you can get for much cheaper, so we've gone to the ends of the earth (Norway) to find the best Fauxkley's, Hoaxley's and Jokeley's.

We need your help in completing the database. From our last counts, there were over 10,000 variants on Oakley's original 10 offered models. How's that for some selection!

Pictures are always appreciated. We need to increase the gallery to show everyone that you look exactly the same whether you wear overpriced or realistic glasses.

Note: I do not sell anything on this site; I don't need to, the joy of Fauxkley's have spread across the world, even into China!

Note 2: I also cannot locate items for you. Try 7-11.

Note 3: Don't bother trying to hot-link images of this site either, I can't handle the demand!!!

Note 4: If you are part of Oakley and are reading this site, you are breaking Section 123.0187 of the USA Internet Web Coalition Report Document Agreement, and you must leave and pretend you haven't seen this.



Band new Fandango!!!!111 Not even released yet, and we have the scoop. Precious plastic atoms are fused into a sculptural design worthy of the gods (of Rome!). You'll be the talk ot the town and the hit at the party! A girl may even talk to you.

Jet intake ports let you run more smoother than ever. No more wind drag like those $400 authentic plastic models. You'll have your mile done in 5 minutes. Less if your in Europe, because kilometers are smaller!

Topical Wrapwinder

Over the Top... or insanely topical!? They say don't bother going around your ears, but they still go around your head. These go over your head like they should. Innovation like this is not easily come by.

Try as you might to get these off, but even extreme sports like batmitton (half baseball, half birdie), won't let you loose your preciouses. I guarentee it, or you can buy another pair.


Vintage Oakley Toadskin. Very hard to find!!! I am unsure of the authenticity of these glasses, they were a present. Here is the official description that was on Oakley's website:!!!

"Fusion forms the form that is the toadskin. By encompassing the cranial geometry that is the homosapian skull, we achieve enhanced performance that rivals expirience beyond design. Form without function is the skill-driving enigma that fuels out desire for perfection of perseverence. It's a new paradigm."

Bid with confidence. L@@K no reserve!!! You won't find these anywhere else, so bid now!!!!

Frame is Anti-Freeze Green, Battery Acid Orange and Sulfer Yellow. Lenses are Oil Iridium. Good luck to all.!!!!..


Don't you feel patriotic at times. If not, then these glasses will give you the fix you needed. The fix of life, not drugs, haha. Whether you're American and remember the loss of our boys in the great war of 1975 vs Guam, or from overseas and grieve the loss of your boys due to us, these Slice's make up for it 110%.

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