pastor.elfstrom Recent

Minute Machine Copper / Titanium

Really Tank-like...

Gearbox Stealth Black / Yellow

My Holeshot


Fuse Box


Blade II, ESPN edition




GMT polished w Black

Kill switch

Transfer Case white face

Hollow Point black fave

KillSwitch Heritage Bezel no 014

KillSwitch Stealth Bezel

Polished bezel

12 gauge

Blade Polished /Mother of pearl

Double Tap

12 gauge

Kill switch bezel Tech honed

Kill switch bezel Rose Gold

Kill switch bezel Fuel Honed

KillSwitch Titanium Carbon Fiber

MM Titanium Black w Diamonds

Gearbox Dazzle


More watches

12 gauge carbon yellow

Red Time Tank

12 gauge black face, titanium carbon band

Fusebox Stealth

12 Gauge Stealth

Time bomb

Warrant Stealth


Ti Carbon Fiber Gearbox

Copper Warrant

Time Tank Titanium / Black

Time Bomb Polished w Titanium

Judge II Copper

Black Cerakote with Red face Minute Machine

DrChop Minute Machine Black Cerakote w Red Face


Kill switch

White cerakote Time Tank

Carbon Fiber

Polished Black MM

Polished Black MM

Carbon fiber bezel

Iron Man GMT, Zach Christensen

Diamond kill switch bezel, plus two others

White Warrant

Time Bomb Stealth

Time Bomb II Elite

Time Bomb Icon
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