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If you have any information about different models and rubber compatibility, please leave a comment!

Nowadays, especially for the older models, deteriorating rubber parts are hard to find. So it does help knowing that some rubber parts of different models of Oakleys are interchangeable.

Compatible Nose Bombs
Half Jacket = Flak Jacket (@Batwolf), Half Jacket (@qtrain23), Hatchet (@Zax), Mag 4 (@in2X-METALs), Penny (@Zax)
Jawbone = Racing Jacket (New) (@NoFair), Split Jacket (@cacatman)
Juliet = X-Squared (@xmetalmaniac)
M Frame = LIMITED COMPATIBILITY - Mag M frame - Nose piece will fit but appearance is different (@thisguy)
Mainlink = Triggerman (@DKO)
Mars = Moon (@dann), NOT COMPATIBLE - Romeo 1 (@dann)
Racing Jacket Gen 1 = Racing Jacket Gen 2, Pro Racing Jacket, Water Jacket - the horseshoe shaped nose bomb of the water jacket and the standard RJ Gen 1 and 2 look different but are compatible (@cacatman)
Romeo 2 = LIMITED COMPATIBILITY - Half jacket need slight stretching to fit (@Onza), NOT COMPATIBLE - Juliet (@BriP)
X-metal XX = LIMITED COMPATIBILITY - Juliet needs slight stretching to fit (go top first) (@Dyeraudio)

Badman = Madman (@Oakleynerd)
Half-X = Hatchet (@Eks), LIMITED COMPATIBILITY - Juliets work but a little short (@jdd32)
Jawbone = Minute 2.0 (@Batwolf), Racing Jacket (New) (@NoFair), Split Jacket (@cacatman), Straight Jacket 2.0 (@Batwolf)
Juliet = Mars (@Linegear Japan), Penny (@xmetalmaniac), Romeo 1 (@Linegear Japan), X-metal XX (@Linegear Japan), NOT COMPATIBLE - Half-X (@motoGP_fanatic)
M Frame = LIMITED COMPATIBILITY - Mag M frame - M frame earsocks are a tight squeeze (@thisguy)
Racing Jacket Gen 1 = M frame (@sldonator), Racing Jacket Gen 2, Water Jacket (@cacatman)
Romeo 2 = LIMITED COMPATIBILITY - Juliets will fit, but are a 1-2 mm shorter (@Onza)

Bottlecap = Eyepatch (@Batwolf), Eyepatch 2 (@Batwolf), Half Jacket (@OBlazer), O Rokr (@Batwolf), Thump (@Batwolf)
Eyepatch 2 = Eyepatch (will fit but a little loose), but EP 2 will not fit Eyepatch (@Oakley-G37)
Flak Jacket = Half Jacket 2.0 (@OBlazer), LIMITED COMPATIBILITY - Bottlecap will fit loosely in Flak Jackets (@ekleve)
Fuel Cell = LIMITED COMPATIBILITY - Jury (FC lenses need slight trim to fit in Jury) (@Batwolf)
Gascan = Thump 2.0 (@Batwolf)
Minute 1.0 2nd gen = C-wire (@oakleyman2424)
Monster Doggle = LIMITED COMPATIBILITY - Pit Bull needs slight mod to fit Monster Doggle (@TexxxZ)
Romeo 2.0 = LIMITED COMPATIBILITY - Half Jacket (but need to take donut shaped washer out of Romeo 2 and use the HJ tab to hook around the T5 torx screw near the temple) (@dann)
Splice = Unknown (@dann)
Split Jacket = LIMITED COMPATIBILITY - Pit Boss 1 (but need to file down Split Jacket for a perfect match) (@KingJupiter)
Style Switch = Jury (@headpatrolman), LIMITED COMPATIBILITY - Fuel cell will fit Style Switch (but not vice versa) (@michaelpule)

Other Useful "Compatibility" Pages
Asia Fit Compatibility
X-Metal Rubber Compatibility (@xmetalmaniac)

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