Family: Active
Date: May 2011


pastor.elfstrom -
I have two pairs. These are tough. Good coverage and clear view! I love these!
bull -
really like this frame good coverage and does not block my peripheral vision. i dont have abnormal head size but fits really comfortably.
oakdays -
Frame: Metallic black
Lens: OO blak ir polar

This pair here is very nice IMO it’s the closest thing to a monster dog and is without a doubt for larger faces I like the added ear socks helps keep glasses on face would not recommend for activities they have a good wrap they fog up quickly, a bit on the heavier side for a pair of omatter frames
Dullisc -
Frame: Gunmetal FMJ
Lens: Fire Iridium

Extremly comfortable pair of glasses. Larger frame perfect for bigger heads. Great coverage with no light leakage from the sides.
If your a fan of the Monster Dog you will want to check these out. With the Unobtainium ear socks and nose piece they fit snugly to your head with no fear of them falling off.

My only complaint is not due to the frames themselves yet the FMJ finish which is a known issue. The FMJ tends to flake and peal off causing the chrome finish to show through. This is not something I'll knock off points for as this is not an issue with the frame just the coating.

Great glasses though worth a buy.
Tadhg -
Frame: gunmetal FMJ
Lens: fire iridium

Bought these after losing 2 pair of monster dogs they are for the 'bigger head' love the look a must have for those with heads of the abnormal size .
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