Family: Electronic
Date: November 2004-2005

128/256 megabytes of solid-state NAND flash memory for storing up to 60 songs
The best polarized lenses on the planet
Absolute music freedom with no wires or cords to dangle or tangle
Up to 6 hours of playback time
75MHz DSP with 18-bit Sigma Delta DAC for state-of-the-art audio fidelity
Acoustic expansion speakers with forward/back booming and sideways pivoting
Flip-up lenses with raked-back contours for maximum protection against sun, wind and side impact
Patented XYZ Optics® for razor sharp clarity at all angles of vision, even at lens periphery
Plutonite lens material blocks 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light
Durable O Matter® frame with less than 1.8-ounce total weight for all-day comfort
Supports storage of data files along with song files
Includes high-speed USB cable for transferring song files from Mac or Windows PC
For more information on Thump, please call 1-800-969-2895
Crystal Clear
FMJ Copper
Matte Black 128Mb
Black Iridium
Matte Black 256Mb
Black Iridium Polarized
Night Camo 256Mb
Black Iridium Polarized
Light Blue
Red Camo 256Mb
Black Iridium Polarized
Rootbeer 128Mb
Tortoise 256Mb
Gold Iridium Polarized
White Camo 128Mb
Black Iridium

flyer -
Matte Black 256mb.
Black iridium polarized.
Tortoise, 256mb, Gold polarized.

Late to the party (2017) but found a terrific deal on New Old Stock.
Very pleased.
Iconic Oakley style, wonderful DSP sound, flip up lenses are worth having, sufficient battery/memory for 4+ hours of tunes, simple to add/delete songs (no proprietary junk software).
NO OEM lenses, not for love nor money. Aftermarket severely limited and questionable quality. No longer supported by Oakley, though is fast, honest, and reasonable. [B]Thump electronics are NOT compatible with wet, humid conditions: poor sweat resistance.[/B] No unobtainium, though in normal (non-exercise) conditions, they stay put sufficiently.
I also find a "Pro" in it's not Bluetooth compatible, as the ORockr is. I HATE answering my phone when I'm out and about...

bearoak -
Frame:Matt Black
Lens: Black Irridium
AWESOME!! I wore these when I cut fairways in Delaware. How sweet the sound. clean,Clear music at all spectrums. They are great.
r2w -
Frame: matte black
Lens: black iridim

256mb... enough for my needs, and last as long as the sun does here in the UK..!! Brilliant shades, top sound and enables me to do my dog the bounty hunter impression!
ball5out -
Frame: red camo
Lens: black polarized

The finish color is awesome. It definitely gets attention cause of both the color and the earpiece for this isnt normal for most people to look at just yet. I just dont like wearing it much cuz like I said, everybody isnt used to seeing it yet. They think it looks weird lol! As far as the mp3 player, its awesome. Both quality of the sound and the flip lens
O-bandit -
Frame: Red Camo 256Mb
Lens: Black Iridium Polarized

i just love my thump!!!

it´s easy to handle, fast to charge and looks awesome!
256 Mb ist just rigth to store music for a tour or daily way to work. more is not necessary because you have no display and would never found the right song in time. the style is the bomb and even with all the stuff in it it´s not to heavy!

there is just one small point what i don´t like.
that i can flip the lenses but the lenses are not easy exchangeable like a half wire.

anyway great combination between style and "hightech".
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