Family: Sport
Date: 1991-1996


Alexandre -
Frame: many
Lens: many
Serious fan of the 1st Gen M Frame and previous Mumbo. Not my firt Oakley though but something of their weird shape really pleases me. When they first came out, it was like "waouh what are these?" And it was triathlete Mark Allen wearing them at the Nice intrnational triathlon in... 1990 or 91...
Dullisc -
Frame: Crystal Blue
Lens: Blue Iridium

Iconic..To me there are several glasses that scream Oakley when you see them. The MFrame is one of those. I purchased my first pair of MFrames in 1994 (Fingerprint with +Red Iridium) and that was my only frame I had until 2014. The Heater gives great coverage a unique look that everyone recognizes and are some of the most comfortable glasses I've ever worn.
These are still great pieces to have and wear but due to the age of the glasses and the brittleness of the O-Matter you will see stress cracks and eventually a full break. I would however recommend these though for any collector as they are a true iconic piece of history but for every day use I would recommend the MFrame New as it is more sturdy.
southside -
Frame: Black
Lens: Grey Heater

This is the pair that started it for me. My dad bought me them when I was 12, and I took such good care of them for many years. One day, I was taking them off after a round of golf and they split. I was DEVASTATED. I called Oakley to see if they were still covered under warranty, and they told me to send them in. Four weeks later, I got a brand spankin' new Pro M-Frame. They got a customer for life.

I'm giving these a rating of 4 because they're too prone to break, especially the crystal frames, which I have a pair of now as well. They give the best coverage for any conditions, and they were some of the first interchangeable lens sunglasses ever. They're SUPER light, and fit extremely well, unless you wear a hat, then they're a little tight under the brim. The first and second gen black frames I have now are going to be in my collection forever as a reminder of how it all started.
flippj -
a great range of lense colours with frame options, gives endless combinations, but for me, the heater lense is a bit to big for my face compared to the sweep or hybrid.
great if you are looking for maximum coverage on the face.
wymore -
Frame: Crystal Clear
Lens: Black Iridium Heater

This was my first pair of Oakleys as well, and I immediately fell in love with the great fit. The heater lense provided great protection, and they were incredibly light. Unfortunately, the I haven't had much luck with the clear frames that Oakley has made. These cracked in half after only a year, and I had the same problem with the first straight jacket model, although it had just smaller cracks not and didn't actually completely break apart. I have a fairly large head which might have been part of the problem.
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