Sutro Lite [OO9463-0539]
Matte Black/Prizm Black Iridium

Sutro Lite
EVZero Path (AF)
EVZero Path
EVZero Blades
Collectors Frogskins
EVZero Blades (AF)
EVZero Blades (AF)
EVZero Blades (AF)
Eric -
I purchased a pair of Oakley Square Wire Tungsten W/ PRIZM Polarized (OO4075-14) and was really disappointed. The lenses did do a good job of highlighting colors and the polarization was great. The problem was that the curvature of the lense made sure I had eye reflection with nearly any sun angle. With the sun overhead or behind, bright or overcast, it didn't matter, I would see my eye reflection. I noticed I was squinting a lot and getting headaches. I replaced the lenses with Fuse+. The lenses have anti-reflection coating. It helps tremendously plus the lenses are flatter than the orginals so I think less is reflected toward the eyes. I do notice the colors don't 'pop' as much as the prizm lense but I am not squinting as much. I think the prizm lense in more of wrap around frame would be great. On the square wire however, it is horrible.
C Wire
Sliver F
Latch SQ
Fives 3.0
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