Encoder [OO9471-1236]
Space Dust/Prizm Sapphire Iridium

Sutro Lite
Sutro Lite Sweep
Sutro Lite Sweep
Sutro Lite Sweep
Turbine (Icon)
New Square Wire II
Gauge 8 L
Wookieman -
A cool throwback to classic Oakley. The first pair of Oakley's I every noticed was a pair of eye jackets. These are a worthy successor, but I still prefer the original. I prefer the smoothness of the original to to angles on this new frame. However, they are comfortable and durable with flawless optics. Everything we expect from Oakley
AFR Solution
Big Square Wire
Eye Jacket 2.0
X-Metal Logos
Flat Money Clip Wallet
O-Review Logo & Design
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